About Us

Design Atelier is a nationally networked Architecture and Urban Design Firm focussed on creating distinctive buildings and interiors in five service areas- Architecture, Campus Design, Hospitality, Workplace Design, and Retail Design.

Our unequivocal focus is to influence the future shape of built environments through design leadership, expert knowledge and service excellence. We have been successfully engaged by major organizations- especially quality oriented corporations for their development projects in Institutional, Hospitality, Housing, Offices, Retail, and Educational sectors.

Design Atelier is also recognised for a strong project service quality and we offer a range of strategies and a powerful implementation plan with the methodology to succeed in a given framework of time, quality and cost.

DA Delivers! - Our reputation as a "Design Firm with an Implementation Mentality" is built on the recognition for our exceptional service quality and strong commitment to advancing our Clients' goals. We employ a powerful participatory visioning process including our clients, all stakeholders, and technical experts to create projects with a strong identity- an 'aura' that gives them an unusual presence in the surrounding environments as well as exceeds clients ambitions and economic expectations.