team vision

We want to leave good marks on the earth. We want to work with a thoughtful integrity and a contemporary sensibility because we want our buildings to be loved today and to last. We would measure our work by the pleasure of the lives lived in our buildings and projects.


Excellent Team Pedigree

Staff backgrounds include Architecture, Landscape, Urban & Environmental Design, Strategic Planning & Communication, Structural Engineering, Air Conditioning, Electrical Engineering, Civil and Public Health Engineering, Project & Construction Management.

A highly qualified team whose expertise matches the project scope, is assigned to each project.


Collaborating for Success

The diversity of our multidisciplinary staff and technical partners of over fifty professionals provides a base of knowledge and experience that addresses the range of issues relevant to design of modern buildings.

Aashish V. Karode
principal - design and planning services Aashish V. KarodeB.Arch.; M.U.D. — Berkeley, U.S.A

In twenty years as an Architect and Urban Designer, Aashish has resolved to continuously find new ways to renew his faith in the possibilities of design as a medium to craft a better place on earth.
About Ever inventing new design mantras, Aashish is primarily responsible for visioning and design, though he also provides oversight on all aspects of projects.

A skilled facilitator, he has been the point person for many of our complex, publicly scrutinised projects. He also provides the client interface; meeting management, master planning, scheduling and monitoring of large scale architectural design, interior design and conservation projects.
Professional Experience In a past life in the United States, Aashish worked with premier planning and design firms including Moore Iacofano Goldsman Inc., and Peter Bosselmann on a number of interesting assignments, like the San Francisco Urban Design Plan Update, Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations, several participatory planning projects for Campus Master Plans and Community Master Plans. He was associated with the design and planning of the University of California at Davis, Bastyr University, Seattle, and California State University at Monterey Bay (with MIG Inc.)
Interests Aashish has also taught Architectural Design, Urban Design and the History of Architecture both in India and the United States.

He is an enthusiastic urban photographer and a part time architecture writer of thoughts that he hopes will soon be a book. Sunday mornings are devoted to Radio Control Flying amongst friends.